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"How can I drive more visitors to my website?"

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About you

Are you a fempreneur, an artist, or a businesswoman?
Do you run your own business?

You are committed to your work and you want to make it stand out among your competitors, every time interested users search on Google for the products or services you have to offer.
You don’t know how to manage all this SEO stuff, though: you need an expert SEO freelance specialist, to help you reach your targeted audience and make them become your clients.

Here is where my job starts.

seo for female entrepreneurs

About me

I’m an SEO specialist… and I’d like to help you improve your rankings on search engines.

Are SEO consulting and SEO services the same?

Not exactly.

I am an SEO consultant when it comes to auditing your website, giving advice to improve the organic traffic it receives and providing an actionable strategy with the actions to be performed. I provide SEO strategies for SMEs, professionals and entrepreneurs, because I enjoy having a closer contact with my clients and learn things about what they do. As I said before, I’m curious.

This means carefully examining your website and:

  1. evaluating the various ways to grow your organic traffic;
  2. identifying what works just fine, what can be improved, what can be added and, last but not least, what needs to be removed;
  3. elaborating a customized SEO plan that can be easily implemented.

Here are some of the elements that an SEO consulting will assess:

  • Your website and/or blog;
  • Organic traffic received;
  • Search engine rankings;
  • Competitors rankings;
  • Technical SEO state (via Google and third-party tools);
  • Your keyword research;
  • Your keyword usage;
  • Backlinks profile;
  • Your content;
  • Social profiles.

I provide SEO services when I engage in the actions needed to apply the above strategy, such as, for example:

  • internal linking optimization;
  • performance improvements;
  • technical SEO improvements;
  • content optimization;
  • link building activities;
  • external services optimization.

You’ll need SEO services if you don’t have the time, or it would take too long for your marketing team to acquire the proper skills and implement the plan. Or if you simply don’t feel like sitting in front of a screen for a minute more!

And… What if you are the multipotential kind of person and love being a Jill of all trades?

Join me on an SEO coaching journey! Learn to be self-sufficient in managing the SEO of your website! Keep your pages high on SERPs mastering effective, yet easy, SEO techniques. Schedule some time and signup for my free webinar!

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“I was in need of a professional website for my business as an engineer.
I’m really satisfied with Tamara’s job: I quickly started to receive several contacts from new clients, thanks to the good ranking in local search.
Very satisfied with the follow-up as well.
She’s very easy to talk to (she provided exaustive and clear explanations even for a non-expert like me) and attentive to the specific needs.
I highly recommend her services”.

Tiziana Ambrosi

Engineer, Ambrosi Ingegneria

“I reached out to Tamara to help me improve the SEO performance of my website after Google had penalised it. She optimised the back end of my website to boost speed and created a keyword strategy to help me rank higher in search engines so that my traffic finally went up again.
She’s very knowledgeable, explains everything in such a clear way even an SEO newbie like me can understand, and goes above and beyond to support you.
I highly recommend working with Tamara”.

Giorgia G

Founder, The treasures Within

“I hired Tamara to help me with improving the performance, as well as the SEO, of, an online business providing financial education for Swiss residents. She installed very useful plugins to help with the backup of the website and with SEO. She improved the keywords of the website in order to make it more Google friendly, and also reviewed all the existing articles. She improved the loading time on the website dramatically and provided recommendations to improve the SEO of my future articles.
I’m very satisfied with her work. Communication was always very clear.
I can only recommend her work. She really went above and beyond to answer my questions and to meet my needs. So thank you Tamara for making a better website”.

Yann Stempfel

Founder, My Money Plan